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McMaster's Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute (SCC-RI) explores the underlying cellular and molecular origins that initiate human cancer by employing human stem cells as a model system. The Institute's impressive shared facilities are designed to help mitigate the high cost of human stem cell research that has made entry into the field almost prohibitive for investigators in Canada.

On the cutting edge of human stem cell research, our team of scientists integrates expertise in epigenetics, signalling pathways, neural cancer stem cells, human leukemia and pluripotent stem cells. Our ground-breaking research complements the efforts of other stem cell programs and centres in Canada and around the world.

With its particular focus in human stem cell research, the SCC-RI provides interested graduate students and postdoctoral fellows an exciting opportunity to pursue this specialized training in Canada. The Institute will also provide an open forum to educate the public about this important research and work with sectors developing ethical guidelines and policy for therapeutic applications to assure Canadians will receive the best health care possible.