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SCC-RI researchers

When you support the SCC-RI, you are supporting world-leading stem cell research. Through this research, we are advancing our understanding of human health problems and innovating to improve tomorrow’s healthcare landscape. Your financial support allows us to train the next generation of scientists, develop new technologies, and continue pursuing our scientific questions.

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Mick Bhatia
Director and Senior Scientist
T: 905.525.9140, x 21896
Dawn Lilley
Administrator, Institute Operations 
T: 905.525.9140, x 28685
Andrew Allen
Coordinator, Laboratory Operations
T: 905.525.9140
Darlene Lane
Executive Assistant to Director
T: 905.525-9140, x21896


While we are delighted that people are interested in visiting the SCC-RI, we currently do not have a formal program that allows for this. We encourage you to visit the Resources page for an overview of our highly specialized facilities.

As a research institute, our strengths lay in the laboratory – performing experiments and generating new knowledge. We work with clinical trial and healthcare professionals to bring this new knowledge to clinical testing. Trials are not conducted on-site at the SCC-RI.

We encourage anyone interested in learning more about, or participating in, clinical trials to consult with their healthcare provider. You can visit for a listing of ongoing clinical trials.

We are absolutely thrilled at your interest in stem cells and stem cell research. There are many online resources available, some of which the SCC-RI has contributed to, that explain stem cell basics and beyond. As a starting point, we encourage you to visit the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation’s website. Here you will find the StemCellShorts video series, where leading Canadian stem cell scientists explain foundational concepts in their own words.

For more perspectives on stem cell research, we recommend reading Signals, The Stem Cellar, and of course, our blog posts found in News.

If your burning stem cell question remains unanswered, we encourage you to “Ask the SCC-RI” using the form on this page.

Our recommendation to high school students seeking hands-on research experience is to focus on the basics of biology. Before seeking a placement, we encourage you to study the literature, participate enthusiastically in your science classes, and carefully evaluate your post-secondary options. A strong foundation and undergraduate experience will position you well to begin exploring a hands-on lab placement.

SCC-RI labs primarily seek trainees at the graduate and post-doctoral levels. The minimum requirement for eligibility is several years of undergraduate training.

To view and apply for current post-doctoral or staff positions at the SCC-RI, please visit the Working @ McMaster website.

If you are a graduate or thesis student seeking a placement in an SCC-RI laboratory, please contact the Principal Investigator you’d like to work with directly.

Ask the SCC-RI

To submit a question to the SCC-RI, please complete the form below.

Please note that due to a high-volume of submissions we are unable to provide personalized responses to each and every question. All submissions will be reviewed, and every effort will be made to address your most pressing questions on our site.