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Karun Singh

Karun Singh

Principal Investigator

David Braley Chair in Human Stem Cell Research

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Contact Information

Location: MDCL 5030


“My scientific goals are fueled by the desire to find long-term solutions to the daily struggles of individuals living with neurological disorders.”

The overall goal of Dr. Karun Singh’s research program is to use stem cell-based models to study neurological disorders and devise new therapies for these conditions. Currently, his program is focused on studying autism and neuropathy.

Dr. Singh joined the SCC-RI for its unique commitment to working with human cells and its established proficiency in using stem cells to generate the tissue types needed to study human disease. This is especially valuable to the Singh program as it requires human neural cells for study, which are not easily accessed in patients. With his ability to generate the human neurons needed to study these conditions in vitro, Dr. Singh is making strides in furthering what is known about these severely understudied conditions.

In addition to shedding new light on the molecular mechanisms underlying these conditions, Dr. Singh’s lab is working extensively in the realm of drug discovery through the use of the SCC-RI’s drug discovery screening platform. He has adapted the platform to develop new drug screens for these neural conditions.


The ability to screen for drugs that can target the root causes of neural disorders, including pain and dysfunction in autism spectrum disorder.

To develop the first Canadian high-throughput drug screening platform using autism spectrum disorder patient-derived neurons to ultimately move drugs to clinical trial testing.

Screening for repurposed drugs that rescue our preclinical TAO2 autism spectrum disorder models, and working to move these into Phase I clinical trials.

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Lab Team

Picture Name Designation Focus Email More Info
Chad Brown Chad Brown Graduate Student
Leon Chalil Leon Chalil Graduate Student
Savannah Kilpatrick Savannah Kilpatrick Graduate Student
Nadeem Murtaza Nadeem Murtaza Graduate Student
Elyse Rosa Elyse Rosa Post-Doctoral Fellow
Brianna Unda Brianna Unda Graduate Student
Sean White Sean White Post-Doctoral Fellow

Selected Publications

Dixdc1 is a critical regulator of DISC1 and embryonic cortical development.

Singh KK, Ge X, Mao Y, Drane L, Meletis K, Samuels BA, Tsai LH.

Neuron. 2010 Jul 15;67(1):33-48.

DIXDC1 Phosphorylation and Control of Dendritic Morphology Are Impaired by Rare Genetic Variants

Kwan V, Meka DP, White SH, Hung CL, Holzapfel NT, Walker S, Murtaza N, Unda BK, Schwanke B, Yuen RKC, Habing K, Milsom C, Hope KJ, Truant R, Scherer SW, Calderon de Anda F, Singh KK.

Cell Reports. 2016 Nov 8; 17(7): 1892-1904.

Single Transcription Factor Conversion of Human Blood Fate to NPCs with CNS and PNS Developmental Capacity.

Lee JH, Mitchell RR, McNicol JD, Shapovalova Z, Laronde S, Tanasijevic B, Milsom C, Casado F, Fiebig-Comyn A, Collins TJ, Singh KK, Bhatia M.

Cell Reports. 2015 Jun 9;11(9):1367-76.

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