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Yu Lu

Yu Lu

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Contact Information

Location: MDCL 5033


"It is very exciting that we have all the know-hows to study dementia: building human neuron models, applying the most sensitive proteomics methods, and focusing on the crucial proteins in the diseases. We are in for something big."

Dr. Yu Lu’s research program is divided into two main areas of focus: proteomics and stem cell biology. Using high-sensitivity proteomics methodology developed in-house, the Lu lab is seeking to understand post-transcriptional, translational, and post-translational regulation of stem cells within the context of certain neurodegenerative diseases as well as cancers. More specifically, the Lu Lab is currently interested in developing proteomics methods to understand the RNA splicing regulation during the stem cell differentiation process and in cellular models of neurodegenerative diseases.

Having recently joined the SCC-RI, Dr. Lu is looking forward to developing his research program here and applying his unique expertise to a variety of collaborative projects. Currently, Dr. Lu’s projects are focused on exploring neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease through the use of cellular programming and proteomic techniques. By utilizing and expanding on the SCC-RI’s established competence in generating iPS-derived neurons, Dr. Lu is able to access the tissues he needs to study these diseases – tissues that would otherwise be difficult, or impossible, to obtain.

His short-term goals include characterizing RNA binding proteins for specific mRNA species and understanding the RNA splicing mechanisms for certain RNA splicing events. In the long term, Dr. Lu hopes get closer to applying these knowledge and methods to understanding and treating human neurodegenerative diseases.


The potential to understand the pathological mechanisms of, and to discover novel druggable targets for Parkinson's Disease.

Exploring the pathological mechanisms of, and discovering novel druggable targets for Alzheimer's Disease.

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Lab Team

Picture Name Designation Focus Email More Info
Lina Liu Lina Liu Graduate Student
Piyanka Sivarajah Piyanka Sivarajah Graduate Student
Ruilin Wu Ruilin Wu Graduate Student
Sansi Xing Sansi Xing Graduate Student

Selected Publications

Alternative splicing of MBD2 supports self­renewal in human pluripotent stem cells.

Lu Y*, Loh YH*, Li H*, Cesana M, Ficarro SB, Parikh JR, Salomonis N, Toh CD, Andreadis ST, Luckey CJ, Collins JJ, Daley GQ, and Marto JA. (*. Co­first authors).

Cell Stem Cell. 2014 Jul 3; 15(1):92-101.

"[This paper] provides an exciting example of how multiple regulatory pathways can cooperate to promote the pluripotent state." - Dr. Robert Blelloch (UCSF)

Genome-­scale proteome quantification by DEEP SEQ mass spectrometry.

Zhou F*, Lu Y*, Ficarro SB, Guillaume A, Jiang W, Luckey CJ, Marto JA. (*. Co­first authors)

Nature Communications. 2013 July 18; 4.

"The extreme separation resolution some of these platforms, such as the automated coupling of three physiochemically orthogonal stages of chromatography, is key to achieving genome-scale coverage of the proteome." - Dr. Joshua J. Coon (UW-Madison)

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